Our team

We’re Smidge™! Pleased to meet you and honored to serve you along your health journeys. We’ve been there, too. And we work every day to keep growing and learning, just like you <3

Daniel Corrigan

Co-Owner & Visionary

Dan launched Smidge™ to help others on their healing journeys, having survived a life-threatening intestinal condition. His decade-long search for answers led him to discover the importance of gut health based on a real food diet with fat-soluble vitamins and clean supplements.* Dan is trained in several dietary protocols and natural health disciplines. He’s a pioneer of the real food movement, with past leadership positions in organizations dedicated to Dr. Weston A. Price, DDS. He has spoken across the country about the effects of wholesome food and holistic health, especially on behalf of families who have reached out to him to create pure supplements for their children who had sensitivities to the ingredients and additives in commercial brands. Dan is kind, compassionate, and lives to serve our customers and lead the Smidge™ team with his abundant ideas. His happy place is a stroll in the woods.

Karen Myers

Co-Owner, Nutrition Education

After a long debilitating journey with Lyme, Karen ended up in the hospital where she was injured and disabled. Since then, Karen recognized that it was up to her to honor her body and take control of her health naturally.* Her most dramatic and significant healing began simply when her diet and food sourcing changed from conventional processed foods to organic and pastured foods from local farms. This led Karen to become involved in the real food movement with the Price Pottenger Foundation and several other organizations, where she united with Archie and Dan to eventually form Smidge™. Karen believes that nutrition and sustainable practices can uplift the body and planet, which drives her in serving our customers and educating our team. With 20 years in the holistic health field and now a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Karen says, “The study of nutrition is about so much more than food. It is liberating and empowering. It's about the magical, generous resource here on earth... the gift of life and the ability to transform ourselves.”

Archie Welch

Co-Owner, Research and Development

Like Karen and Dan, Archie is a pioneer of the real food movement starting with his activism in the Price Pottenger Foundation and other groups inspired by Dr. Weston A. Price, DDS. Archie works closely with farmers, fisheries and artisans committed to our ancestors’ ways in his continuous journey to learn about nourishing food, quality supplements and holistic health and in vetting the ingredients that comprise our products. This has given him a unique perspective and helped shape the Smidge™ philosophy — small-batch, fresh and as close to nature as possible. And the resulting collaborative efforts are some of the cleanest supplements ever produced*, he says. Archie loves hearing about how Smidge™ products support people throughout their health journeys with chronic illness,* and he recounts a story about helping a friend with seasonal allergies via Smidge™ Digestive Enzymes and making some positive changes to her diet. Archie enjoys cooking nutritious meals, visiting farmers’ markets, exercising and gardening. He makes a mean chicken tortilla soup!

Alissa Black


Alissa is our resident unicorn who keeps us all sparkling. Embodying our company’s core values, she helps the leadership team execute their ideas and drive them forward. And she’s grateful to serve each Smidge™ team member (“family,” as she affectionately calls us) in whatever way she can. Alissa enjoys strength training, walking with her furbabies, meditation and relaxing on the pond in her large unicorn float. Oysterzinc never fails her.

Gana Wilson

Customer Service Manager

A passionate and knowledgeable traditional naturopath, Gana heads our customer service team. As a practitioner and a long time natural food employee, Gana said it was wonderful to find a job where the values the company lived by matched her passions. And that Smidge™ is the kind of premium product she had been searching for to give her family. She serves our customers by listening and learning from them, and taking time to do so. She previously suffered from food allergies, histamine intolerance, leaky gut and other nutritional ailments and healed after implementing the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet and studies of Dr. Weston A. Price, DDS to focus on whole foods and animal fats. So Gana has an understanding of our customers from her own experience.* Gana enjoys kayaking the beautiful Michigan lakes and water trails. And harvesting herbs and vegetables from her garden empowers her, as feeding her family good food is a top priority.

John Rozycki

Vice President of Operations / R&D

John is our mover and shaker with a warm smile. Literally! He orders and moves our products to get them stocked and to our customers’ doorsteps with ease and positivity. He identifies closely with our core value of “know better, do better” and says he appreciates working for a company that’s doing its best, as that’s how John tries to live his life. Plus, John is always learning something new from our customers. His favorite wellness activities are kayaking, hiking national parks and playing hockey.

Paul Gazda

Sales & Marketing Director

Paul joined Smidge™ with more than 15 years of professional marketing experience and after starting his health journey. He loves to help people discover Smidge™ and understand the benefits of our products with education-based marketing and social media. Paul gets stuff done with compassion and light-heartedness. He carries Digestive Enzymes with him everywhere he goes and plays golf in his spare time.

Natalie Lavis

Communications Manager

Natalie credits Smidge™ supplements for transforming her health and setting the foundation for a healthy pregnancy and daughter. As a certified copywriter and former journalist, She loves being able to convey the thought, research and passion behind our products and the positive results they can yield.* “I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to lend my craft to a company that lives for their clients’ well-being and that has changed my life,” she says, noting that the owners are involved in the details and are a tremendous educational resource.”The entire team is like a family and works tirelessly and joyously to serve our customers.” Natalie feels rejuvenated when running the hills of Seattle, practicing hot yoga and cooking nourishing food for her loved ones.

Jodie Stamm

B2B Outside Sales Manager

Jodie traveled her own path to better health, finding her sweet spot with a clean, real-food diet, and Smidge™ supplements. Today, she fully embodies our core values and says there’s nothing more fulfilling than building relationships with practitioners and resale customers, “where we’re all working together toward the same mission of serving and helping others along their journey to better health!” Jodie is quick, detail-oriented and thrives on serving our likeminded wholesalers. She enjoys running races with her daughter, hiking and anything outdoors with fresh air and sunshine.

Dave Rouleau

Technical Operations Manager

Dave believes that love is the glue that holds us all together. And he’s the glue that holds our team together with his willingness to jump in when problems need to be solved or something needs fixing — whether it’s tech, the shopping cart logistics or tweaking the back end of our website. He adores working for Smidge™ because of the team’s passion for helping others and the opportunity to play a part in our customers’ wellness journeys. Dave loves walking and biking and unwinding by listening to his vast record collection.

Morgan MacHolda

Affiliate Manager

Morgan is our resident fitness buff who credits her first job at a gym for igniting her passion for wellness. Morgan enjoys building authentic relationships with influencers and learning about how Smidge™ products have helped others improve their quality of life, as she can relate to the products optimizing her health. She likes to add Morning Magnesium to her post-workout smoothie to kick-start her day, as well as strength training and running with her pup, Apollo.

Steve Cunningham

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Before joining Smidge™, Steve worked with large Fortune 100 companies. “It’s rare to work with a company that is so committed to their customers and truly cares about their customers and their health journeys,” he says of Smidge™. “We believe in our products and want to share them with the world!” Steve does so by sharing Smidge™ social media messages and content in spaces where like-minded customers are open to receiving them. In his free time, Steve enjoys traveling and going to live concerts.

Stephanie Madison

Executive Assistant

Stephanie is the queen of processes at Smidge™. She takes pride in supporting a passionate team so they can focus on their mission of helping customers change their lives. “My position is internal facing, but it doesn't mean I don't get to hear many of the wonderful testimonies customers share with us,” she says. Supporting the entire Smidge™ team gives Stephanie a unique perspective of the inner workings of the entire company. Her role helps ensure those working closely with customers can focus entirely on them. Stephanie enjoys swimming in the waters of Florida’s Emerald Coast and counts Sensitive Probiotic Powder as her go-to Smidge™ product.

Kimber Bates

Customer Service Representative

Kimber loves sharing her knowledge with customers and hearing about how Smidge™ products have changed their lives. She’s incredibly patient, knowledgeable, upbeat and witty — and takes time to answer customers’ questions about their products and chat about what’s on their minds. Kimber is a stroke survivor who has spent countless hours researching natural health and plans to further her holistic health education. She finds fishing good for her soul.