Our Core Values

Here are the values we live by in order to serve you along your health journey. Never underestimate the power of a smidge!

A smidge is big

We believe little things add up to big achievements. So we pay attention to the tiniest details and take pride in every small batch we produce. We embrace responsibility for every teeny role we fill and acknowledge a job well done. Even when it seems like no big deal. 

Passion for compassion

First and foremost, we really care. Everyone at Smidge® has genuine, heartfelt compassion for the wellbeing of our customers and colleagues. We empathize with your struggles — in life, in work, and in health. And we’re passionately grateful for the opportunity to help, in some small way. We feel the love!  

Know better, do better

We believe that knowledge is empowering. So we work hard to stay informed and know more today than we did yesterday. That means we keep our minds open to new ideas, and our eyes peeled for valuable insight. We listen carefully to you, our customers. We act on your feedback, and we learn from our mistakes. 

Healthy balance

At Smidge®, we align our culture with the products we produce. Our bodies thirst for nutritional balance, and our small batch supplements deliver with a slow, low-dose, holistic solution. When it comes to balance, we dance that delicate line between work and play. Business and pleasure. Because Smidge® is where balance belongs.