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Volunteers working on Giving Tuesday
28 Nov '23

Giving Tuesday for Detroit Abloom 💐

For Giving Tuesday’s global movement that encourages people to do good, we will be donating...

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Magnesium-rich foods
19 Apr '21

4 ways magnesium can kick in when stress levels are high

Plus, how you can get magnesium from food and choose the cleanest supplements when your...

Smidge® Optimal Probiotic capsules
03 Feb '21

What’s the right time to take a probiotic with more strains?

Our Optimal Probiotic (formerly Probiotic capsules/Primal Gut™) is here! Learn about the right time to make...

Bowl of sprouted wheat germ
10 Dec '20

Wheat Germ Oil softgels for your natural vitamin E needs are now in the Smidge® shop!

New product update on these potent softgels made from fresh, Non-GMO North American wheat -...

Smidge® Probiotic Powder
14 Sep '20

A probiotic with 1,000 servings?!

Everything you need to know about Smidge® Sensitive Probiotic powder We wanted to take time...

Smidge® logo
14 Sep '20

Welcome to Smidge®!

Welcome to Smidge Small Batch Supplements®! We’re the new home of your favorite former Organic...