Smidge® Sensitive Probiotic powder – In motion!

Smidge® Sensitive Probiotic capsules

An adorable and informative video primer on our flagstone product, who it’s for and why this pure powder blend is so unique




“Smidge® Sensitive Probiotic powder is a pure, potent formula. With a blend of eight beneficial probiotic strains that support digestive health. 

And nothing else. 

It was created with a fundamentally different approach than other probiotics on the market, which contain strains touted for specific health benefits. 

However, some strains in those products may cause unwanted side-effects — which may make folks feel worse. 

At Smidge®, we use clinically proven strains that provide the most benefits, while avoiding the ones that have the most reported side-effects. 

And, there are no common allergens, additives or fillers. 

We also omit prebiotics.  

See, most commercial probiotics may be up to 80% prebiotic filler, which dilutes the good bacteria. And can cause unpleasant digestive reactions because prebiotics were introduced too early in the gut-healing process. 

Plus, we take great care of our bacteria cultures. We avoid common allergenic foods like dairy and soy when we culture our probiotic bacteria. 

The end result is a powerful, but gentle probiotic that works for people with super sensitive digestive systems. And those just starting out on probiotics. 

Feel the difference just a *smidge* of Sensitive Probiotic Powder can make for you and your family.”