Smidge® Sensitive Probiotic Powder

Sensitive Probiotic Powder


3 billion CFUs per serving

Probiotic strains:

8 carefully calibrated strains to ease digestion, promote regularity and avoid side effects associated with other commercial brands, in pure powder for customized dosing.*

Recommended for:

Those with sensitive digestive systems or just getting started on a probiotic regimen.

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Smidge® Infant Probiotic Powder

Infant Probiotic Powder


1.45 billion CFUs per serving

Probiotic strains:

7 strains, comprised of 50% Bifidobacterium infantis, which is found in healthy breastfed babies' intestines.

Recommended for:

Infants and toddlers, to help colonize their digestive systems with healthy bacteria from the get-go. Also ideal for sensitive individuals of all ages, or those taking probiotics for the first time, as it’s our least potent formula.

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Smidge® Optimal Probiotic capsules

Optimal Probiotic


20 billion CFUs per serving

Probiotic strains:

13 balanced, premium strains to give overall digestive health lots of TLC. May help ease mild stomach issues, generate and maintain a healthy microbiome — and support reproductive and urinary health and a positive mood.*

Recommended for:

Various ages and stages, whether you’ve taken probiotics in the past or are adding them to your regimen; men and women, moms and healthy kiddos.

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Smidge® Yeastbiotic



3 billion CFUs per capsule

Probiotic strains:

1 yeast strain, S. boulardii, which is well-known for balancing candida issues and easing the side effects from antibiotics, such as loose bowels and brain fog.*

Recommended for:

Folks taking antibiotics or those who want support with candida issues or other mild fungal overgrowths.*

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More info on ages and stages

The strains in our probiotic formulas work in synergy. Our belief is that no single strain is the magic bullet for specific ailments and conditions. This is because they should work together, as they do in a healthy digestive system.

You can find more info below, including ages and stages for each of our probiotic formulas.

Please keep in mind that the age to progress from one formula to another varies. Since everyone is unique and responds differently, it's important to also consider the individual's health history, diet, metabolism, and practitioner recommendations. And, our customer service team is here to answer your questions if you need further help choosing. 😊

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Infant Probiotic

Our Infant Probiotic powder is recommended for anyone under the age of 2. However, because it's such a gentle formula, it's also ideal for sensitive individuals of all ages or those taking probiotics for the first time. It’s our least potent formula.

The Infant Probiotic contains seven clinically-proven strains of beneficial bacteria naturally found in the digestive system of a healthy infant, and comprises 50% Bifidobacterium infantis. This strain is special because it dominates in breastfed babies' intestines, as it thrives on a unique molecule from breast milk. In scientific studies, B. infantis has been linked to healthy digestion, growth and immunity in infants.

Sensitive Probiotic

The Sensitive Probiotic powder is best for ages 3 and over, or children between the ages of 2 and 3 who have already used the infant formula. It contains one extra strain (L. plantarum) and is twice the potency of the Infant Probiotic. Smidge® Sensitive Probiotic is a powerful formula that does not require large doses. However, it’s suited for sensitive individuals who may have reacted to certain strains of bacteria found in other probiotic formulas.

Many of our customers with histamine intolerance, digestive issues, skin problems and other health conditions begin with our Sensitive Probiotic powder. In all, it’s for those who are serious about gut health: a clean, potent, therapeutic-grade probiotic with eight strains of beneficial bacteria essential for digestive health, and no additional ingredients. This product is also available in capsules.

Optimal Probiotic capsules

Smidge® Optimal Probiotic is a gentle, thoughtfully formulated, 13-strain probiotic that’s appropriate for various ages and stages, whether you’ve taken probiotics in the past or are new to this integral part of your wellness regimen:

Men and women: Teens through the golden years,
Mamas: Pregnant and nursing,
Healthy kiddos: Ages 6 to 12.


Our Yeast probiotic capsules feature the friendly yeast Saccharomyces boulardii, which can gently crowd out pathogenic yeast.* S. boulardii is clinically proven to support people during antibiotic treatment, especially with candida, diarrhea and C. diff, as guided by a certified healthcare practitioner.*

And you don’t have to worry about it affecting your antibiotics. Most people use this one on a short-term basis.

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When it comes to your health, minutia matters.

That’s why we aim to provide unparalleled quality supplements, one invaluable detail at a time. And we always put the safety and the health of our customers first.

Learn about our probiotic vetting, testing and quality.

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