Smidge® Wholesale Program

We're excited about your interest in C supplements as you help others on their health journey! We want you to know that your support and customer’s needs are important to us as is doing healthy business worldwide.

Do I qualify?

Wholesale accounts are intended for stocking practitioners and retail brick and mortar or e-commerce resellers who are buying in bulk. This is a great opportunity to purchase Smidge® supplements at a significant discount so you can resell to your customers. 

For practitioners wishing to buy in smaller quantities, Smidge® offers a Hero Discount for medical personnel. 

(Please note: We do not allow for 3rd party e-commerce platform resale ie. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. If you will be selling on your own business URL, please use that for your application.)


If you have questions about our products or our Wholesale Program that you would like to discuss prior to opening an account, we are here to help you! Contact us and select subject: Practitioner & Wholesale Inquiries

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